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FileQ is a file forwarding service that works quite well. It can be used when you have a file too big to send through regular email. Although the widget and service are entirely in Japanese, I don't think that should stop people from using it since it is quite simple to use with just a few explanations. When you click on the widget there will be a form with several entries, only the top two are required. From the top down, recipient's email address, file browse (参照 means browse), then sender's name, sender's email address, title, and comment. The recipient will receive an email with a password easily noticeable a few lines in the message. Click on the link above it and then simply enter that password in the spot above the Kanji 認証 near the top right, and then press that word. You will then easily be able to download the file. Near the bottom left of the website you will see the Japanese [ブログ貼り付け用HTML ]. Click this to get the HTML tag for this widget. 
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FileQ Installation Code for FileQ

Copy all of the displayed "Installation Code" and paste the widget where you want it on your blog.
For details on installation, please check the How to Use Widgets How to Use Widgets section.
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