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HTML Concealment widget
HTML Concealment widget
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Calling all programmers! Here's a wild widget that encrypts any code that you enter into it. Enter your code then press the 隠蔽実行 button, and an encrypted version of your code is generated that you can simply paste to your webpage. A few other Japanese words you might need: 変換後のコード(converted code), 変換前のコード(code prior to conversion), リセット(reset) and finally 再変換(convert again). Finding the code on the webpage is easy, but if you can't find it, just look under these characters:貼り付けコード
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HTML Concealment widget Installation Code for HTML Concealment widget

Copy all of the displayed "Installation Code" and paste the widget where you want it on your blog.
For details on installation, please check the How to Use Widgets How to Use Widgets section.
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