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Bloglue Film
registered date2008-07-04 17:40:30
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Original photo widget for your blog! A roll of film automatically contains photos and images from the articles in your blog. Roll the film out and place your cursor over an image. The picture pops out onto your screen. If you double click the photo you are taken to the corresponding article in your blog! Fun and practical.
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Blowing Letters
Imagine all the letters on your blog blowing around and assembling into the form of a photo or picture of your choosing? Cool effect. Of course they blow back again soon enough. To get the code, go to the webpage. In Step 1, enter image's file location. 参照 means browse. In Step 2 choose left (top) or right (bottom) location for widget. In step three press the button to generate the widget's code. It will appear towards the bottom of the screen. Enjoy!
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