Japanese widget Bloglue

Japan widget Bloglue

About BloglueAbout Bloglue
Welcome to the widget search tool, Bloglue.Welcome to the widget search tool, Bloglue.
Here at Bloglue we are tracking down and compiling a multitude of innovative widgets to support your blog in style.
Being a Japan-based company, we've included a large number of widgets from talented Japanese developers that include original, rarely encountered blog parts to the most recent and popular.
Of course there are also widgets from around the world and widgets submitted from users and widget developers like you. We are certain that whatever blog part you have in mind, you are sure to find it here.
Bloglue Special FeaturesBloglue Special Features
Bloglue has the following features that are sure to please both bloggers and widget developers.
Get a sense for what widgets are hot with a ranking function based on our unique algorithm.
Measure your widget's popularity from various angles such as the number of times accessed or the number of votes received.
Also, immediately grasp the most popular widgets at a glance.
Easy to understand Introduction to widgets from Japan (and around the world)!
Is your Japanese a little rusty? Be introduced to made-in-Japan widgets that might not be accessible otherwise due to the language barrier.
We'll introduce you to those blog parts that you don't often see outside of the land of the Rising Sun.
Management page just for widget designers
The Management page is fully loaded with convenient functions such as simplified access analysis, number of comments, easy to understand ranking transition, and information editing.
About the meaning of BloglueAbout the meaning of Bloglue
Put the words 'blog' and 'glue' together and what do you get? You guessed it, Bloglue.
This name was conceived with the concept in mind of securely pasting widgets to your blog as if with glue.

There is also a slangy way of reading into the word in Japanese which could mean, "Write a cool Blog!"
Original widgets from Bloglue and Samurai FactoryOriginal widgets from Bloglue and Samurai Factory
For some time now, our company has been creating extraordinary and novel web services and blog parts that are infused with the samurai spirit.
We are able to offer the public a continual stream of original widgets based on the technical capabilities we have accumulated over the years and our fresh and unconventional perspective.
Don't miss the release of widgets on Bloglue that will put you a step ahead of the competition.