Japanese widget Bloglue

Japan widget Bloglue

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions
Since Bloglue has only recently been released, there hasn't been a lot of questions.
But we've taken the opportunity to answer some questions in advance that will most likely be asked.
Is it free to submit widgets?Is it free to submit widgets?
Yes. It's free.

Submitting widgets is absolutely and unconditionally free forever. Please go ahead and submit away!
Are the widgets free to use?Are the widgets free to use?
In most cases they are free, but there may be instances that require payment for use.

Due to the fact that widgets are created by different people, there may be the rare case of a required fee.
In these cases, we recommend registering after carefully reading over the terms of service for each widget.
Can I still submit widgets even if I don't have the copyright?Can I still submit widgets even if I don't have the copyright?
Yes. It is possible.

It is possible to submit a widget in the form of a recommendation.
However, please refrain from entering the widget as your own in User Registration or if it goes against the intention of the creator.
Will my widget be submitted without permission?Will my widget be submitted without permission?
There are cases in which widgets are submitted as recommendations or introductions by our company.

An introduction to a widget may be posted.
If a widget you have made has already been submitted, please contact us if you would like it deleted.
I've submitted a widget, but it doesn't appear on the website.I've submitted a widget, but it doesn't appear on the website.
Widgets are examined at the preliminary registration stage.
When blog parts are submitted without performing User Registration, a report is not generated if it doesn't pass through the checks at this stage.
We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any concerns about the status of your widget, please contact us.