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Bloglue利用規約Bloglue Terms of Service

Bloglue Terms Of Service

Article 1(Applied Terms)

  1. Bloglue (referred to as "The Service" below) is a free service offered by Creator's NEXT Inc. (referred to as "The Company").
  2. All Bloglue Terms of Service (referred to as "The Terms" below) are applied to all individuals using The Service (referred to as the "User" below) offered by The Company on the website "Bloglue" (http://bloglue.jp/) (referred to as The Site below) from the starting point of use of The service.
  3. The Company offers The Service only to individuals who consent to The Terms. By using The Service, all Users agree to become bound by the conditions and agreements of The Terms.
  4. The Terms do not apply to the use of links within the Site or advertisements inserted by third parties not within the control of The Company. Please review the privacy policy and terms of service employed by the aforementioned third party websites when using their services.

Article 2(Change in The Terms)

  1. The Company may change The Terms without acquiring consent from The User. In such a case, the conditions of use of The Service is based on the Bloglue Terms of Service after the change.
  2. After a change in The Terms, except when established separately, The Terms are assumed to take effect from the point at which The Company makes them public on The Company's website.
  3. When The User use The Services after a change in The Terms has taken effect, it is assumed that the updated Terms of Agreement are applicable and that The User agree to all of the described content of The Terms after the change.

Article 3 (Equipment and Ancillary Services for Access to The Service)

  1. The User agrees that all responsibility and fees associated with The User's equipment and ancillary services ( including, but not limited to communications equipment, software, equipment and services for connection to the internet) to use The Service and access The Site are assumed by The User.
  2. he User is responsible for the control and maintenance of the aforementioned user equipment and services and assumes all responsibility for related fees. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for guaranteed operation of the aforementioned The User's equipment and services.
  3. The User assumes responsibility for taking security measures, in accordance to their circumstances of use of The Service, to prevent the spread of computer viruses, illegal access, and data theft etc.

Article 4 (Notifications from The Company)

  1. The Company will notify The User on necessary items on an as needed basis via notices on The Company's website, e-mail deliveries based on Registered Users e-mail as referred to in Article 5, and by other means deemed appropriate.
  2. The aforementioned notifications will take effect at the time The Company displays them on the website or at the time The Company sends the aforementioned email.

Article 5 (Registration to and Cancellation of The Service)

  1. The User is able to register as users of The Service by the means established by The Terms. The User is able to use The Service without performing user registration, however, The User who has performed user registration (referred to as "Registered Users" below)will be able to access more services on The Service that are specified separately on The Site.
  2. Individuals who would like to register as users to The Service agree to register according to The Company's predetermined methods after agreeing to the content contained in The Terms of Service.
  3. The aforementioned Company's predetermined methods are the methods for registration indicated on the special registration form. On the registration form, the email address for registration (referred to as the "Registered email address" below) is used for the "Registered Account". We ask that an address is used in which it is possible to receive notification emails from The Company, and which the contents can be confirmed. In addition, the notification of completion of registration to "The Service" will be sent by the Registered email address.
  4. In the event that an email address is registered at the time of user registration which is unable to be contacted by The Company, The Company can take measures to discontinue The User's use of The Service and delete The User's account.
  5. In the event of any of the following circumstances, The Company, based on The Company's judgment, may not grant user registration to The Service.
    (1)In the event that a user applying for user registration has a history of having their registration cancelled due to violating the Terms of Agreement for services (including but not limited to The Service) offered by The Company in the past.
    (2)In the event that the Registered email address can not be used (unable to receive email notifications for The Company or unable to confirm content of email notifications from The Company, etc.)
    (3)In the event that the registration information includes expressions or phrases that offends public order and morals or offends a third party.
    (4)In the event that The Company determines that inappropriate user registration has occurred.
  6. In the event that The User wishes to cancel their user registration, The User themselves can cancel registration by following the prescribed procedure. However, The Company will not perform this procedure on the behalf of a User.
  7. The Company does not make any guarantees whatsoever concerning the storage of data and information after user registration is cancelled.

Article 6 (Management of Registered Account and Password)

  1. The management of the Registered Account and password are the responsibility of the Registered User. In order to avoid problems such as illicit use of the Registered Account, Registered Users must observe and ensure the following items.
    (1)Use a password that is not easily guessed by a third party.
    (2)Do not disclose your Registered Account and password to a third party.
    (3)In the event that you use The Service with a cell phone or a computer that is used by more than one person, when finished using The Service, make sure to log out and close the web browser.
  2. When The Service is used by a Registered Account and password, it can be treated as use by the person in question who registered the account, and all the consequences and responsibility brought about by the aforementioned use belong to the person in question who registered the account.
  3. Regarding damages etc. caused by the use of the Registered Account and password by a third party, The Company assumes no liability whatsoever, excluding cases of gross negligence by The Company.
  4. When a Registered User changes or wishes to change the Registered Account, password, or any other registration information, this is to be done by the person in question by the prescribed procedure for making changes. The Company will not carry out any of the aforementioned procedures for making changes on behalf of The User.

Article 7 (Registration cancellation or deletion of contents)

  1. In the following cases, The Company will cancel the Registered User's Registered Account, or alternatively, is able to delete all or any part of The User's content that is problematic.
    (1)In the event it is revealed that false representations were made in the application information at the time of registration
    (2)In the event that important notifications from The Company regarding the use of The Service can not reach the recipient normally or necessary replies are not received when transmitted to The Registered email address.
    (3)In the event that The Company determines that The User came into conflict with the prohibited matters described in clause 1 of Article 9, or there is a high possibility of doing so.
    (4)In the event that the health and safety or other rights or interests of another User or third party has been violated, or a serious threat to these is imminent.
    (5)In the event that there is an opinion or indication voiced from a official agency or specialist ( lawyers, internet hotlines, and trust confirmation organizations etc. that are regulated by legal guidelines regarding the disclosure of caller information and the limits of liability for damage of national and local authorities, and telecommunication providers.) indicating that contents or information posted in a bulletin board etc. are illegal, go against public order and morality, or violate the rights of another person.
    (6)In the event that there is a declaration from the person purporting to be the rightful claimant to the effect that information written on a bulletin board or other contents violated ones' rights. However, this is only in the case in which documents are presented from the individual purporting to the rightful claimant that can reasonably determine that there is a violation of one's rights and that the person in question is the rightful claimant, and after carefully being reviewed by The Company, The Company determined that there is a violation of one's rights and that the person in question is the rightful claimant.

Article 8 (Regarding a breach etc. of the Terms of Service)

  1. Regardless of what is additionally described on the website or described in The Terms, in the event that The User does not follow the established Terms of The Company or unreasonably cause trouble for other Users, The Company is able to take the following measures without providing previous notice.
    (1) The offer of The Service may be discontinued, or temporarily stopped.
    (2) The User Registration may be cancelled.
  2. The Company, even if by taking the aforementioned measures causes a loss to a User, The Company will in no event whatsoever be liable or held responsible to provide reparations.
  3. In the event that by acting contradictorily to The Terms, or wrongly or illegally using The Service causes damage to The Company, The Company is able claim for damages (including legal fees) to the aforementioned User.

Article 9 (Prohibited Items)

  1. The User may only use The Service for lawful purposes, and when using The Service are prohibited from doing the following acts.
    (1)Assign, lend, or license a Registered User's account to a third party.
    (2)Publishing violent and obscene expressions and material corresponding to child pornography or child abuse, or expressions with such intentions, or blog parts with such themes on any blog on The Site.
    (3)Actions that oppose the law and public order and morality and publishing material that includes content that opposes them, together with the release of any blog parts with such content on any blog on The Site.
    (4)Posting links to sites such as sexually explicit sites, child pornography and prostitution, or sites to download unedited video images.
    (5)Activities with the hopes of encounters with the opposite sex or behavior to attract a person of the opposite sex to establish an acquaintance, or actions possibly related to such solicitations, together with any actions soliciting or aiding and abetting prostitution.
    (6)Actions violating the law or that may potentially violate the law, and actions that invite, broker, or undertake illegal activities.
    (7)Acts related to or possibly related to the crimes of illegal sales of mobile phones and savings accounts etc, child prostitution, abuse of controlled substances, and fraud.
    (8)Causing significant trouble to other Users, third parties, or to The Company.
    (9)Act of using the service while wrongfully assuming the identity of another User.
    (10)Activities of posting information with content that solicits third parties, typified by pyramid schemes and activities such as infinite chain letters schemes.
    (11)Activities of collecting private information about other users or third parties without their consent or offering, publishing, and using their private information without the permission from the person in question.
    (12)Violating the intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyrights, of other users or third parties, or The Company, or the possibility of such a violation.
    (13)Activities that infringe upon the assets, privacy, rights of likeness, publicity rights, or any other rights and profits thereof of other users or third parties, or The Company, or activities that may possibly violate such rights.
    (14)Acts of slander on, or inflicting mental or physical suffering on a specific, real person, or acts that cause such slander or infliction of suffering.
    (15)Acts that interrupt the pleasant use of the service by all members such as by publishing language that is inappropriate, unnecessarily aggressive and profane, and acts that repeatedly do so.
    (16)Acts of publishing words and expressions that are likely to beautify, cause or promote suicide, self infliction of injuries, and drug abuse etc. and acts of publishing methods of suicide.
    (17)Acts of displaying or sending information that goes against the facts, or acts of publishing information that includes content to invite misunderstanding or fallaciousness.
    (18)Acts of using link spam (including, but not limited to click fraud links), and acts that use these as URL forwarding.
    (19)Acts of advertising, promoting, or soliciting etc. by email (such as spam mail) with receiving consent.
    (20)Acts of seriously causing trouble in the operations of a third party website or blog by transmitting a large number of trackbacks etc.
    (22)The utilization of a tool such as that which generates a large number of advertisements and articles and automatically posts these.
    (23)Acts of illegally not displaying advertisements that should be displayed or seriously and intentionally lowering the effect of an advertisement.
    (24)Acts of writing or transmitting harmful computer programs such as viruses.
    (25)Acts of illegally accessing The Company's network or server facilities etc.
    (26)Acts of giving our server an unreasonably extreme load or causing a decrease in our security, and acts that may potentially cause such conditions.
    (27)Acts of selling all or part of The Service.
    (28)Publicly transmitting or duplicating the URL of The Service, and the contents, program, and source etc. of The Service without authorization from The Company.
    (29)When posting images and other data, acts of registering the URL of a website unrelated to the data as if it is the URL of the website that relates to the aforementioned data.
    (30)Applying to and using The Service with the aim of doing technical research into the Service.
    (31)Acts of posting content that results in a loss of credibility of The Service.
    (31)Use with the intention of hindering, interrupting, or impeding the operations and management of any service of The Service.
    (32)Acts that violate The Terms.
    (33)Any other acts that The Company decides is not appropriate as a User of The Service.
  2. Other than browsing the information provided by The Company, The User may not access the server of The Company, irrespective of method.
  3. The User warrants that information such as text, photos, and sound files that The User posts or publishes on The Service do not infringe on the intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, trade secrets, or any other rights of a third party.
  4. The user, irrespective of any means, agrees not to harm, alter, or obstruct any necessary software and hardware offered by The Service or related services that are offered together with The Service. The user also agrees not to harm or obstruct the use of any other User of The Service. Besides this, The User agrees not to alter or falsify information on The Service.
  5. The User consents that The Company is in no form whatsoever liable or held responsible regarding the content of the third party websites that link to The Service (including the advertising companies of the advertisements that are posted on this website), and the use of any websites that are linked to The Service are assumed to be the sole responsibility of The User.
  6. For purposes such as maintenance etc., The Company may suspend or change The Service without notifying The User.
  7. The Company does guarantee that discontinuation, suspension, or other disturbances of The Service will not occur.

Article 10 (Regarding the contents on The Service)

  1. The User acknowledges that the contents that compose this service that are generated and offered by The User (including but not limited to text, graphs, logos, tools, photographs, images, illustrations, audio, and video and animation, etc.) and the copyrights, trademark rights, and patents or other intellectual property rights related to these contents belong to The Company or cooperating business partner, or the one who offered the content, and that these are protected by law and agree not to perform any acts that infringe upon these rights.
  2. The User will not reproduce, transmit to the public, distribute, or adapt etc. any content acquired on The Service without the prior consent of The Company. However, reproduction for personal use at home is an allowable exception.
  3. Notwithstanding the preceding clause, The User is able to post the widgets offered by The Company on The Service that are acquired by the methods specified by The Company on one's own established blog. However, in this case, The User agrees to post the widgets on the blog they have established according to the applicable Terms of Service.

Article 11 (Regarding the content of User submissions)

  1. According to the established methods of The Company, The User is able to submit content (including but not limited to text, graphs, logos, tools, photos, images, illustrations, audio, video, and animation etc.) to The Service made either by oneself or possibly by another individual. In the case of submitting content created by another individual, it is required to receive the permission or receive the legitimate right from the aforementioned individual regarding the permission for the content to be submitted and for The Company to reprint or use it. The Company does not make guarantees whatsoever as to whether The User is granted the acquisition of the aforementioned legitimate right or not.
  2. The Company is not liable whatsoever regarding the contents of the material (from the preceding clause) that is submitted, and does not make any guarantees that the submission and publishing of the aforementioned content on The site does not infringe upon the copyrights or any other rights of a third party.
  3. Regarding the contents in the first clause, The User grants the right (including the right of sublicensing) to The Company to use (duplicate, make public, transmit, distribute, assign, loan, translate, and adapt) it. Moreover, The User agrees not to exercise a moral right to it.
  4. In addition, regarding this article, The Company does not promise to license the aforementioned content to other Users.
  5. The User must not submit material with contents that violate the prohibitory items listed in clause 1 of article 9.
  6. The Company is not under any obligation to actively monitor whether the content submitted by The User has or has not violated the Terms of Service. However, it is assumed that The Company has the right to be able to confirm the material that the user submitted at anytime if there is the need to do so.
  7. The Company tries to the fullest extent to manage and store material that exists on The Service. However, The Company is not liable whatsoever for any problems with the content that The User submitted or the access, management, or storage of any other data.
  8. It is the responsibility of The User to maintain any content, text that makes up a bulletin board, and any other such data created by The User.

Article 12 (Privacy of Communications and Personal Information Protection)

  1. The Company protects The User's privacy of communications based on Article 4 of the Telecommunications Business Law.
  2. The Company notifies The User of the purpose of use and offered destination of personal information acquired through the offered Service and does not use this personal information for anything other than this use. Moreover, unless The User's consent is received (including being clearly specified on the screen and with an opportunity for the user to reject it installed) personal information is not disclosed or offered to any third parties. However, this is not the case in the following events.
    (1)When personal information is disclosed to a consignee in order to consign the handling of personal information to the aforementioned consignee.
    (2)In the event that there is a successful business succession such as a business transfer related to a part of The Service, all the rights and obligations are by law also fully transferred to the transferee.
    (3)In the event of a warrant issued by a court or any other judicial decision, command, decision, or legal decree given by a court.
    (4)When there is a legal and lawful inquiry of information from a prosecution, the police or from governing legal authorities.
    (5)In the event when it is necessary to protect a person's life, body, or property and it is difficult to obtain agreement from the person in question.
    (6)In the event when it is expressly necessary for the betterment of the of public health or the healthy development of children and it is difficult to obtain agreement from the person in question.
    (7)In the event that personal data is used jointly between specific people, when the said person is notified in advance regarding the people with responsibility for the data, the range and scope of people jointly using it, and the purpose of use and management of the personal data, and this is put in a way that can easily be known to the said person.

Article 13 (Links)

  1. The Company does not sanction or authorize the following acts to be performed on websites that are linked to The Service. (1) Displaying information related to or about The Company on another frame etc. as if it were being displayed by The Company.
    (2) Implying or insinuating that The Company is guaranteeing or endorsing a service or product from a third party.
    (3) Using the trademark, brand, or logo of The Company that The Company uses in relation to The Service without The Company's permission.
    (4) Violating the copyrights or any other intellectual property rights of The Company or a third party.
    (5) Publishing offensive and aggressive expressions, or any other statements that could possibly cause problems between you and a third party.
  2. The Company removes links that violate the preceding clauses and is able to take appropriate measures to do so.

Article 14 (Responsibility Regarding User's Acts)

  1. The Company does not support or subscribe to the content that The User publishes or submits to The Site. The User's submitted and published content is only The User's opinion and The User's responsibility, and does not express The Company's point of view.
  2. The Company holds no responsibility whatsoever to other Users regarding slanderous, offensive, or illegal content that The User published or submitted.
  3. Based on the sole discretion of The Company and without notification, The Company can edit, move, or delete information that The User publishes and submits to The Site, but The Company is under no obligation to do so.
  4. In the event that The Company suffers losses due to the publishing and submitting actions of The User, The User is liable for compensating The Company for damages.

Article 15 (The Abolition of The Service)

The Company can abolish The Service at any time for reasons' of their own.

Article 16 (Company Disclaimers)

  1. The User is asked to use The Service within the limits of the law. Even in the case that a User runs afoul of the laws of Japan or other countries in relation to the use of The Service, The Company is not held responsible whatsoever.
  2. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever regarding the following items and damages caused to The User attributable to them.
    (1) Information that the User acquires through The Service (including advertisements)
    (2) Changes, temporary suspension, and abolition of The Service
    (3) Interruption or delay of The Service or damage or disappearance of data etc. due to troubles with the system
    (4) Disputes with other others or any other individuals within or outside of The Services
    (5) Any other issues related to use of The Service
  3. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever in the event that The User caused damages to any other individuals by use of The Service.
  4. In the event that there is a dispute between Users, it is assumed that the resolution of the dispute is the responsibility of the aforementioned Users that are the concerned parties of the dispute, and that in the event that The Company, other Users, or third parties other than Users suffer any damages, the aforementioned Users must make reparations for their damages.
  5. User assumes all responsibility and burden of expense for all submissions, published words, widgets and any other content The User contributed to The Service, The User's connection to The Service, or User's violation of The Terms of Service or infringement of a third party's rights caused by The User and all claims and complaints related to such infringements.
  6. It is the responsibility of and at the expense of The User to resolve all claims and requisitions that originate from or are related to any submissions, published words, blog parts (such as widgets) and any other content from The User on The Service, and also from The User's association to The Service, any violations of The Terms of Service by The User, or any violation of the rights of third parties by The User.
  7. The Company sometimes establishes links (including such things as banner ads) to third party internet services on The Site. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever regarding The User's use of these internet services.
  8. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever in the event The Services is accessed unlawfully and damages occurred to The User.
  9. The Company is not under any obligation to respond to any inquiries that the User may make in regards to this website or The Service.
  10. The Company is under no obligation to actively monitor or supervise The User concerning the observance of The Terms.

Article 17 (Governing Law)

The laws that govern and apply to The Terms is Japanese Law.

Article 18 (Court of Jurisdiction)

In the event of a dispute between The User and The Company regarding the items related to The Terms, it is assumed and agreed that the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive court of jurisdiction of the first trial.

Article 19 (International Use)

Upon fully understanding that the internet is something used which transcends national borders, The User must observe the rules and laws of the region and country in which it is being used.

Article 20 (Reporting Copyright Infringement)

  1. In the event that it is determined that the copyright of one's copyrighted work has been violated on The Service, please send a notification to The Company to the specified address and include the information stated below.
    (1)The email address, telephone number, address, and name of the person making the declaration
    (2)The signature or electronic signature of the person making the declaration
    (3)The name, address, phone number, and email address of the owner of the copyright
    (4)In the event that the person making the declaration is not the owner of the copyright, explanation of grounds for having the legal right to represent the owner of the copyright
    (5)Description of the copyrighted material asserted to having it's copyright violated
    (6)Location where the book that is asserted to be violated against is published
    (7)Explanation of the legal grounds being asserted regarding the copyrighted material in question being used without the permission from the owner of the copyright

    <Contact Address>
    Creator's NEXT Inc. Opatsu-residence 102, Higashi-rinkan 1-3-11
    Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 228-0081, Japan
    Designated Agent of Compliance

  2. Even in the event that we are notified regarding the preceding item, The Company is not able to respond when the above information that The Company requests is not completely provided. Moreover, in order to determine the presence of a copyright infringement, the submittal of further information or evidence might be requested. Receipt of notification regarding the above item does not guarantee that The Company will take any action.
Additional clause: This Agreement is assumed to be effective and valid from June 18, 2008. In the event that The Terms are not agreed to, please cease use of The Service immediately.

Last Revised on May 9, 2012