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Game of Fish with Kanji
This is definately a game of Fish with a cool twist. You play using the Kanji characters for the most famous, or most eaten, fish in Japan. A lot of fun to play, especially to build your powers of imagination, but also as a fun way to memorize Kanji. Get the code easily on the widget's webpage. It's the one with the red button on it.
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Vote with a clickLet's votingLet's votingLet's votingLet's vote Memory Test Game
Memory Test Game
Here's a great game to build and test your powers of memory. The instructions are in Japanese, but I will explain here. The door opens and you are presented with some pictures. Remember them! After a few moments the door closes and then reopens. This time, there is one image that is different from before. Click on that image. If your answer is correct, you proceed to the next and more difficult stage. If you fail, game over. Refresh the screen to play again. The only Japanese you need to know is [ゲームスタート] for Start the Game. When you finish you will also see your ranking on a scale from 1 to 10. Good Luck!
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