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i-Radio mini
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Want some J-pop on your blog? Follow these instructions: Go to the widget website and then click on the [Blogl parts] tab on the top of the page. On the next page click on the orange tab on the top left with [2.0] on it. On this page, first choose the musicians, from 1-7. Then, on the right, from top to bottom, select [女] for woman or [男] for man. Next, enter your birthdate. Then, go down and check the box next to the Japanese [「i-Radio mini 利用規約」]. (user agreement) And then press the orange button under that labeled [この内容で決定する] Finally, just copy the code that is generated and paste to your webpage. Enjoy!
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i-Radio mini Installation Code for i-Radio mini

Copy all of the displayed "Installation Code" and paste the widget where you want it on your blog.
For details on installation, please check the How to Use Widgets How to Use Widgets section.
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